Digital Marketing


e-Commerce to sell products or services online is an essential tool, especially when coupled with social media. Here are some of the tools available that Electronic Launchpad can assist you with:


Shopify is a cost-effective way to break into the e-Commerce space with your products and services. Shopify’s pre-made templates and back-end CMS is much more user friendly than WordPress for e-commerce purposes, but it also allows articles to be posted to the websites. Credit card integration and other integrations are readily available at no extra cost.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows an existing WordPress website to showcase and purchase products using a standard online shopping cart. This route is recommended for users that have an existing WordPress website.

Amazon FBA (Fullfilled by Amazon)

Signing up as a seller on Amazon can take a bit of time, but if you already have your product in a mass-production status, then you are ready to sell on Amazon. Many stores leverage Amazon as an online storefront sister to their existing sales offices. With FBA, your products can be stored at an Amazon warehouse and shipped to users without you having to store or ship any of your products. is another e-commerce solution that has some very powerful capabilities for not only selling services, but also scheduling those services. This makes a clear winner for small service providers like property maintenance, dog grooming or even healthcare providers.

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