Product Design

Electronic & Hardware Design

Electronic Launchpad is experienced in electronic circuit design. Here are the specializations that we use to deliver quality designs:

VHDL Simulation and FPGA Selection

VHDL Simulation allows digital circuits to be created and tested prior to writing the design to an FPGA device. FPGA’s can then be selected and designed into the printed circuit board design, as described below.

SPICE Simulation

Analog circuits are often simulated using PC software such as LTSpice or similar. These simulations prove that the circuit will perform its expected function. LTSpice is not always necessary, and not always possible, but in many cases a SPICE simulation will help to save designers time and money.

Electronic Component Selection

Electronic Launchpad orders parts from Digi-Key and other distributors. Selecting electronic components requires a solid understanding of the following attributes: availability, cost, size, package, environmental requirements, etc. and we are accustomed to performing this part selection for you so that your products can be made with legitimate parts that are available for

JIGMOD Circuit Prototyping System

Electronic Launchpad uses the JIGMOD Circuit Prototyping system to test new circuits using a 19″ wide rack. These 19″ wide racks can be reliably transported and setup at various R&D labs, trade shows or customer locations. JIGMOD makes it easier to build, test and demonstrate electronic circuits before they are finalized.

(picture of jigmod)

EAGLE Electronic Layout and Board Design

EAGLE allows electronic components to be built using dimensions provided on component specification sheets. Next, schematics are created using those components, also using EAGLE. Finally, circuit board layouts are generated using EAGLE and then the designs are sent off to a domestic or Chinese supplier.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

When designs are ready, Electronic Launchpad also manufactures circuit boards! We have an established workflow with a cost-effective circuit board manufacturer based in China. This supplier is not only cost effective, but uses modern and fool-proof methods of interpreting the circuit board design files to ensure repeatable quality. This supplier offers a variety of circuit board colors also.

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