Logo and Banner Design

Logos and banners are everywhere, and they are essential to build trust with your audience. Professionally-made logos will make your business look professional, while amateur-made logos will make your business look amateur.

Banners are used to promote items, services and events. They can also be used to make your website or social media pages best capture your audience’s attention. For examples, banners can be used in place of headings in articles.

Here are some things we use at Electronic Launchpad to achieve great Logo and Banner Design:

Logo Designers

We work with known, reputable, 5-star logo designers who deliver multiple logos for you to choose from. If tweaks are needed, then they carry out those tweaks with no questions asked. Logo design has never been easier than it is now, and Electronic Launchpad aims to make it easy for you.


We use Canva to create amazing banners, headings, pamphlets, posters, etc. and Canva makes it very straightforward to select the appropriate size for these items and then add text and stock imagery with ease.


Sometimes a small tweak in photoshop can take your photos from good to great. If your photos need work before they are posted online, we provide this service to ensure that your online content looks professional.

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